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Infusion pumps (also known as ?pain pumps?) are external medical devices that deliver liquids into a patient?s body in controlled amounts. There are many types of infusion pumps ? from large-volume hospital pumps to small, portable infusion pumps used in a patient?s home. They may be used to deliver blood, nutrients, anesthesia, painkillers, insulin, chemotherapy drugs, medications, and other fluids.

In general, infusion pumps are operated by a trained healthcare professional who programs the rate and duration of infusion therapy through a built-in software system. Although this offers significant advantages over manually delivering the fluids, it is not without risks.

What?s the problem?

When there are defects with an infusion pump, the biggest danger is that it could overdose or under-dose a patient. A patient may miss a dose, or suffer delayed treatment. This could be life-threatening or deadly. Many newer infusion pumps are equipped with alarms and other safety features, but the

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