About Calaxo Bone Screw
Smith & Nephew?s endoscopy division manufactured CALAXO screws for reconstructive anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery, a procedure for the bone extending from the shin through the central knee joint up to the thigh. The procedure restores normal movement, and in the past, surgeons harvested a ligament from another part of the body and secured it with metal screws.
With CALAXO, researchers believed the product assisted with maintaining the bone?s structural integrity. As a result, surgeons recommended them for thousands of patients.
After reports of screws breaking and leaving fragments in adjacent tissue, doctors requested a recall. Data showed the screws dissolved too quickly in the body, making the new joint fall apart. More surgical procedures became necessary: local debridement to remove the affected tissue or bone, or a second or third knee surgery.
Patients given CALAXO screws saw athletic careers ending, higher insurance rates, and increased psychological strain.

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